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    Top Talent Agency recruits of highly qualified specialists for production areas:

    • Industrial production ( mining and manufacturing ) – processing of raw materials;
    • Agricultural production (and its industries – fishing, animal husbandry, crop production, etc. ).

    Top Talent Agency specialists have extensive experience in the selection of the best professionals for the different levels of positions.

    We successfully closed the following positions:

    • Manufacturing Manager (dairy, meat processing, confectionary, agricultural)
    • Technology / equipment installers
    • Zootechnician
    • Technologist of feed
    • Veterinarian
    • Chemical engineer
    • Financial Controller
    • Accountant
    • Product Marketing manager
    • Production Director
    • Head of Development
    • Agronomist and etc.

    The geography of our activities includes regions of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, the Middle East and etc.