Real estate agent offer house. Property insurance, mortgage and real estate services concept.

    Top Talent Agency recruits of highly qualified specialists for Service area.

    The social services sector:

    • Education services
    • Hospitality
    • Translation services
    • Tourist services and etc

    Service sector:

    • Business services
    • Transportation services
    • Communication services and telecommunications
    • Catering services
    • Domestic services (hairdressing, design, etc.)

    Top Talent Agency specialists have extensive experience in the selection of the best professionals for the different levels of positions.

    We successfully closed the following positions:

    • The hairdresser
    • Sport instructor
    • Sales Representative
    • Seamstress
    • Design technologist
    • Logistics Manager
    • Resepcion manager
    • Hotel manager
    • Head of manufacturing
    • Interpreter
    • Administrator
    • Account Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Regional Manager and so etc.

    The geography of our activities includes regions of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, the Middle East, Europe, America, Asia, the Caribbean islands, the Maldives and etc.