Technologist garment production

Main responsibilities:
➢ The organization of the manufacturing process design of women’s clothing (Luxury)
➢ Study of the methods of experimental sample processing methods and cutting, drafting technology products processing sequences
➢ Control of production, personnel
➢ Planning of production processes
➢ Formation of the production budget
➢ Monitoring, purchase of fabrics, accessories, applied materials
➢ Placing orders with contractors, preparation of technical documentation
➢ Quality control, monitoring implementation of the plan, the planning time
➢ Calculating the cost

➢ Profile education. Training, courses, ext. international standard training will be an advantage.
➢ Experience technologist / chief technologist / head garment production

Working conditions:
➢ Office in the center of Kiev
➢ Salary by arrangement, depending on professional experience
➢ Travel to Ukraine and Europe