The selection of the candidate for the temporary work, has recently become a popular service on the labor market.
This is due to many factors:
• Company invites “rare” specialist, who can not pay for a long time, higher wages, but it is ready to evaluate its contribution to the project development company and individually with the expert stipulates working conditions;
• the company is only at the beginning of its development and at the stage of preparation and start of production is ready to cooperate with specialists for the production of project management, construction and organization of work of the project office, to effectively run the business, etc .;
• the company has been operating for some time, but comes to realize that you need an infusion of “fresh” ideas and knowledge (eg., Ready to attract advisers on reconstruction and the launch of new lines, the introduction of new products, improving the finished products, etc.)

Thus, the company, referring to the recruiting company decides for itself several important tasks:
• pushing it from the interests of the company, received the development plan for the individual find the right employee.
• receives highly qualified personnel (CVs of the candidates, has always supported the recommendations from previous jobs)
• financial savings.