Assessment of staff performance

Personnel assessment is a process analysis expert at different levels in terms of skills, motivations, personality traits, etc.

In other words – score 360.

Evaluation of staff as one of the components of recruiting.

Major Ukrainian organization Top Talent Agency, a member of the global network of recruitment for different industries, offers its services to assess the performance and potential of employees.

For what needs assessment of staff and so does she need ?

The team – it’s not only organized system as a whole, but also individuals – with his mind individual warehouse, skills and psychological characteristics. Therefore, it is important to avoid mistakes in the construction of a coherent, reliable team. Comprehensive assessment allows us to consider the behavior of subordinates in the process, to identify strengths and weaknesses of employees, it helps to develop a plan of adjustment of different situations. A well-constructed assessment of staff, as a rule, leads to an increase in labor productivity, improve the emotional climate in the company, increases the degree of self-organization experts.

Personnel assessment

Evaluation of staff in employment

Allocate the following competencies assessment methods

  • A comprehensive analysis of competency
  • Assessment center
  • Testing
  • Interviewing
  • Business games

Of great importance in assessing gains expertise and professional experience, managing this process, because this task, in addition to the relevant personal qualities, requires knowledge and competence in the field of psychology and understanding of business processes, objectives and specifics of the company.
Today the majority of assessment tools can be used remotely in an online format. This is a must for large companies, whose units are distributed geographically. Despite the existence of these risks, as a distortion of the perception of behavioral responses , it gives the opportunity to evaluate a large number of employees or job applicants, saving time and money of the company.

When personnel assessment use?

  • Recruitment
  • Restructuring
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Personnel rotation
  • Improving staff performance
  • Corporate training and others.