Outstaffing: PRACTICE OF USE

Outstaffing , as one of the effective ways to minimize the costs of the enterprise is becoming increasingly popular among different types of companies.

In fact, the service outstaffing is leasing staff.

Appointment outstaffing – conclusion of personnel for the company’s staff.

Outstaffing company prepares employees of the client company to its staff and is responsible for the payment of salaries, taxes, provides complete personnel administration in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

Despite the fact that outstaffing in Ukraine is a new service, it is actively used legally in most areas of business, where the hired personnel is used.

  • Reducing the load on personnel services and reduce their maintenance costs (no need to keep personnel records, fill in timesheets, accounting books and work books, many documents and procedures related to HR outsourcing)
  • Delegating responsibility (When using outstaffing organization and its management is completely exempt from liability not only to the inspection bodies, but also in cases of labor disputes)
  • Increasing the number of employees without the abolition of the simplified tax system (When using outstaffing can still remain in the status of a small business, while increasing the number of staff actually employed)
  • Increase of investment attractiveness of the company
  • (When the formal small size and relatively low cost of personnel improved financial results in the calculation of per employee (profit, sales volume, etc.). It can be used as a tool to increase the investment value of the company.)