Вопросы для выявления немотивированных кандидатов/сотрудников

Questions to Identify Unmotivated Candidates / Employees

The candidates are people with their own inherent subtle emotions, moods, activities, decisions, and will. It is easy to notice in the candidate their true interest in the position. It is important to learn to see more than the uttered word and visual appeal.

There are obvious and non-obvious ways to see the candidate’s desire to get a job in the company. The obvious ways include: answers to your questions, your and their verbal and non-verbal manifestations, and candidate’s questions about the job. The more the candidate asks essential questions, the more likely are their interest and maturity.
Hearing your answers, the candidate responds. It is worth looking closely at their reactions and listening to your own feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Spontaneous responses are a good indicator of the integrity of the person sitting in front of you at the moment.

If you hear the unbearable anguish in their voice while seeing a smile on their face, you should doubt the integrity of this candidate.

Or an active person calls you, asks a flurry of questions, but you catch yourself yawning … (despite the fact that you had enough sleep). These are already non-obvious ways of distinguishing the contradictions that may not be obvious to the candidate themselves.

To clarify the internal doubts for ourselves, let’s ask some questions.

For example:

1. What do you want to get from the position in our company? (Which in fact is what the candidate wants)
2. Under what conditions will you be hired?
3. What are the prospects that the company can offer you, how do you see them?
4. Which values and principles of the company are acceptable for you and which ones cause rejection?
5. Are you able to work productively if deep inside you disagree with something, for example, the company’s policy in the market?
6. What resources will allow you to work successfully in the company?
7. What types of recognition of your contributions to the work of the company do you expect to receive as a token of gratitude?
8. How do you cope with stress?
And many other situational questions.
How do simple questions to the candidate and their answers give us a deeper understanding of the internal processes of the candidate, and how will these processes help or hinder their successful work in the company?

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